Vintage Chart? Sure. Oh, and pass the ketchup..

With all the talk of scoring wine recently, I was reminded of the most pointless association between wine and numbers, that of the vintage chart. Kermit Lynch sums it up beautifully as follows (an exerpt from: Inspiring Thirst – Vintage Selections from the Kermit Lynch Wine Brochure, 2004, Ten Speed Press ). Well worth buying the book just for the few pages he devotes to this topic:

“Trust the great winemakers, trust the great vineyards. Your wine merchant may even be trustworthy. In the long run, that vintage strip may be the least important guide to quality on your bottle of wine.”


The Kermit Lynch Vintage Chart








Cut out and save

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Australian wine critic, author, presenter, broadcaster and winemaker, Nick Stock.
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4 Responses to Vintage Chart? Sure. Oh, and pass the ketchup..

  1. Couldnt agree more; vintage charts make no account for winemakers & treat a vintage like the winemakers pick and process every single berry grown regardless of ripeness, disease and physical/bird damage.
    Good producers make selection of fruit to preserve the quality of their label – and if it comes at the expensive of quantity, that’s a far lesser cost than that of ruining the strength of a brand by making crap wines in harder years.

    • postferment says:

      Absolutely right Chris, hence the adage that anyone can make a decent wine in a good year, it’s the ones who pluck a good wine from out of more challenging vintage conditions that re the truly great producers.

  2. One of the toughest challenges in twenty years of retail was consumers who didn’t comprehend that it’s not about wines vintage but rather choosing the right time to drink it.

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