Video: A Hearty Party at Adelaide’s Central Market

Here’s a video I shot at the Adelaide Central Market during a wine tasting event called Hearty Party. No big deal – just Australia’s BEST food market inviting a group of winemakers in to pour wine on a busy wintry Friday night. But the thing that struck me, was the way in which people interacted with the wines – it was a very different experience to your standard in-store wine tasting (which I often find sterile and awkward).

I and many others are always on the case for presenting food and wine as hand in hand and it can be quite uncertain territory for many people. But strolling through the market with arms and trolleys ladened with the weekend’s ingredients, people stopped, tasted and talked to winemakers about what they were cooking, how the wine would perform with the food and even how best to serve it. So relaxed, not at all intimidated, both winemakers and visitors were equally engaged and entertained.

Mussels were steamed and big, seriously big pans of paella were steaming away in the cool night air flanked by a group of local winemakers and their best winter wares.

Such a simple exercise, one that we see so little of in Australia, but one that bends in the direction of the enviably developed culture of eating and drinking that countries like France, Spain and Italy have long enjoyed. Let’s hope we see more of this – it just makes sense.

Anyway, enjoy the movie – I had fun shooting it!



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Australian wine critic, author, presenter, broadcaster and winemaker, Nick Stock.
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